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FAT CAT® Bark Targets The EX Dog Toy

Item: 2268

FAT CAT® Bark Targets The EX Dog Toy

Item: 2268
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The EX… Come On Girls, We All Know One… a Smooth Talkin’ Sweet-Smellin’ Two-Timin’ Jerk. Our “EX” Comes Complete With the Ability to Customize, Based On Your Experience. There’s Even a Place to Write In His Name. Say Bye-Bye to Your Frustration as your Dog Gives ’em What He Deserves. Ahhh, Sweet Revenge.

FAT CAT® Bark Target The EX Dog Toy is made of heavy-duty canvas material with an overstuffed body that contains a squeaker for added fun. With seams at the limbs, this creates extra floppy movements as your dog shakes the toy around, providing the perfect amount of flobbaility® your dog will love.


Fat Cat


13" hand to hand X 14.5" head to toe X 2.75" thick

About Product

Made from durable canvas material that is built to last
Includes squeaker for added fun
Perfectly sized for medium to large-sized dogs
Floppability allows limbs to flop around as your dog shakes it

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