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FAT CAT® Classic Tailchasers Cat Toy

Item: 2264

FAT CAT® Classic Tailchasers Cat Toy

Item: 2264
Only 2 left In stock

FAT CAT® Classic Tail Chasers® have a 15″ TAIL for great chasing fun for your cat. This is a high-flying kitty activation toy and your cat will become irresistible to this cute little colorful mouse. To use simply THROW IT! Toss it across the room, and watch your cat become airborne in lickety-split time. HOLD IT! Grab the head and try dangling the tail in your cat’s general direction. LICK IT! Nippity-Do-Da-Day, the Zoom Around the Room® catnip has been added to this toy for maximum kitty frenzy. Ships in random fun assorted colors.


Fat Cat

About Product

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 15" L x 2" W x 3.9" H

Perfectly sized for your cat to bat around or carry off to hide
Extra-long tail entices cats and keeps them engaged
Great for solo playtime
Features catnip

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