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Mendota Snap Leash – Starbright

Item: 2574 $ 13.49 – 13.99

Mendota Snap Leash – Starbright

Item: 2574 $ 13.49 – 13.99
Only 1 left In stock

Most comfortable dog leash on the market today!

Made from a very soft multifilament polypropylene roping and solid braid webbing.

It’s waterproof, colorfast, and shows no performance-loss when wet. UV coating protects against decay and fading.

The Mendota snap leash is the perfect solution for everyday use, exercising, and training, whether walking in the park or field.

The solid brass snap is non-corrosive. Handcrafted “MADE IN THE USA” construction, using only the finest materials, ensures premium performance.



Mendota Pet

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