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Trader Joe’s Dog Treats

Who doesn’t like cookies? Especially peanut butter and banana cookies, Elvis Presley aka “The King” would be dancing on his grave if he knew people came up with a cookie recipe involving his favorite ingredients.

However, this delicious treat is not for humans – although you wouldn’t die if you’d consume it. The popular grocery chain Trader Joe’s invented some yummy treats for your furry friend, “Grain-Free Peanut Butter & Banana Treats.”

It comes in a bone shape – duh – and is the same size as a Milk-Bone but with fewer and better ingredients. It’s so good, and cheap and reminds of something you could have mixed up in your kitchen – if you had time to bake some. The best part about this treat is that it is grain-free. Since many dogs have food allergies – and grains are one of those allergens – you can give this delicious treat, guilt-free.

The first ingredient listed is chickpeas, followed by peanut butter and cane molasses (it’s a type of sugar syrup derived from sugar canes), coconut flour, dehydrated bananas, sunflower oil, tapioca starch (a gluten-free starch derived from the root of the cassava plant), natural flavor, and rosemary extract. They are not particularly sweet like cookies for humans, but they are quite tasty according to my dog’s behavior when I open the box.

However, don’t overfeed your dog with treats. They are supposed to be a treat you give your dog in between meals, as a snack or reward. There are no nutritional facts on the box, which might be concerning for some dog owners in regards to sugar, sodium, fat, vitamins, etc. Still, it lists the calorie count per treat which is 15 kcal.

I usually give my dog those treats when I’m dragging him to Trader Joe’s and to calm his anxieties, I open the box already in the store (don’t worry Trader Joe’s is cool about it – as long as you buy the item) and he gets two right then and there as a treat and reward. Since those biscuits are small, they fit in small sandwich Ziploc bags you can take with you on the walk to the park but also if you are training your dog to listen to commands. To store them, simply close them tight with a clip or put them in a mason jar in a dry place.

I would never go back to buying treats with more than five ingredients on the list and ingredients only a chemist can pronounce. If you can’t pronounce it and don’t know what it is – don’t buy it. Besides for the price points (around $3.00), you can’t complain. I’m giving this product five stars, out of five. Way to go Trader Joe’s.

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